Small-batch artisan honey from the Gatineau Hills

Apiverte honey is micro-harvested from custom designed EZHouses on host properties from Chelsea to Low, Quebec.

Premium, single location, micro-batch, craft honey.

Never heat pasteurized so you can taste the flavour of season.

From field to table of the 5/105 corridor of the Gatineau Hills.

Advent Calendar

Featuring 12 local honey harvests and available in 2 custom designs - a wooden Christmas Tree or a Tree of Life, pre-order now for early December delivery or pickup.
Apiverte Hosts
Building quality relationships

Apiverte Hosts

The backbone of our business is our relationship with our hosts. Each host has been carefully selected for their region, access to suitable bee forage and their like-minded business approach.

Why Apiverte?

"I was drawn to Apiverte’s business model right away. Their focus on and attention to the plight of the bees is so needed! With the introduction of their EZHouse, Apiverte has created an innovative approach to the established industry of beekeeping. The result benefits the bees, environment as well as the beekeeper. They partner with local small businesses who host a hive for the season and promote the work of local artists by show casing hand painted murals on the Houses. Apiverte is a movement whose time has come - protecting and promoting the environment, supporting the survival and importance of the bees; local businesses and artisans. It’s a win/win/win!"

"My family and I spent a day with APIVERTE at the Franktown House Flowers EZHouse to collect and process raw honey.

This hands-on experience was a great (and fun!) way to learn about bees and the artisan nature of honey. As a teacher, I appreciated their knowledge and couldn’t wait to share it with my students! As a foodie, I loved being able to take home some of the honey we made and some from their other farms to compare the different tastes of the areas and seasons. Throughout the day they even had some of their local partners come around and we got the chance to learn about a bunch of different local companies straight from the owners themselves. This is truly a unique experience that I would recommend to anyone!"


Native and managed pollinators

Do your part to help pollinators in your own backyard with the choices you make every day. Buy local, organic and/or pesticide-free produce. Choose to support businesses that make environmental and ethical and  decisions you agree with. Plant local wildflowers to feed honey bees and all native pollinators.

Photo © Cindy Mulvihill