premium, small batch, geo-located, & personalized craft honey

Honey shares

Our EZHouses are currently located at Franktown House Flowers, Juniper Farms and APIVERTE Meadows.  Your honey will be available for pickup at the end of the honey season at Kingsbury Meadows or at a local harvesting event.  We donate a portion of every share to honeybee research nationally and a food security organization regionally.

Personal honey share - $100

A year’s worth of pure, raw & local honey in 12 x 340g.
Choose the location of your honey harvest:


branded honey share - $1000

Your own brand of honey – ideal for marketing or corporate gifts. Co-branded with custom designed labels for 96 x 250g of honey. Choose the location of your honey harvest:


honey, hives & houses

APIVERTE builds EZHouses on host properties featuring the works of local artists. Our goal is to propagate and protect the honey bees – while also pollinating the surrounding environment. We sell personalized CSA-style honey shares to individuals and regional businesses. Our honey is small batch, craft, personally branded and geo-located to its harvest area. We also conduct research and development activities on bee health and habitat throughout the calendar year. 


Premium, single location, small batch, craft honey


Never heat pasteurized so you can taste the flavour of season.


From field to table in the Outaouais and Ottawa.


Directly from the bee to your kitchen. APIVERTE honey tastes even better when you know exactly where it comes from. All our honey is harvested in small batches and never mixes with honey from our other locations, ensuring a unique flavour based on the abundance of specific local flora and fauna.



Franktown House Flowers

Fresh cut flowers by subscription.

Juniper Farm

Year-round organic produce. 

Support the Bees

The bees can’t do it all by themselves – they need our help to survive. APIVERTE wants you to support Canadian organizations who are working to make the future a better place for the hard-working honey bee.

call for artists


We’re building bee houses on host properties including les fleurs FRANKTOWN HOUSE flowers and Juniper Farm and we want your artwork to cover them. Join Stephanie Hill and become a signature artist with APIVERTE.


We’re making beekeeping more accessible to all, so more bee enthusiasts can become beekeepers and established beekeepers can keep active at their hobby longer. Our EZHives and EZHouses will also ensure better survival rates for the bees and protect them from predators.

Our hosts

The backbone of our business is our relationship with our hosts and their relationship with the land and environment. Each host has been carefully selected for their region, access to suitable bee forage and their like-minded business approach.

franktown house flowers

Established in 2014, Franktown House Flowers applies ecological farming practices, while being mindful of fostering a beneficial environment for bees and other pollinators.

juniper farm

A 200-acre, diversified, organic and biodynamic farm nestled in the Gatineau Hills. Minutes away from the village of Wakefield, Quebec Juniper Farm has been supplying the region since with farm fresh produce since 2006.


Our own bee fields are hosted on a family owned and operated cattle farm tucked away in the Gatineau Hills. As our neighbours they host our hives, houses and R&D efforts.

In the Fall of 2018, we took the spark of an idea and embarked on a journey to make it a reality. APIVERTE combines Mike’s technical and manufacturing know-how with Sandra’s design and marketing prowess. Through our creativity, experience and passion for apiculture, we are engaging more people to support the bees in their struggle for survival, creating an easier beekeeping method and sharing the sweet rewards with our neighbours.


– Sandra Bornn Smith & Michael Smith

Give us a Buzz

We want to hear from you! Do you have a great idea? Are you interested in becoming an EZHouse host? Are you looking for more options for honey share? Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you.

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