Our story

Bringing business, agriculture, arts and the community together to support the bees

We’re passionate about supporting honey bees in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec. We’ve taken a unique approach to beekeeping by developing Atria Beekeeping, a new style of honey bee habitat that is easier on both the bees and the beekeeper.

We believe in collaborating with local farms, businesses, and artists to raise awareness and interest in the health and longevity of honey bees. Our honey is harvested often, in small batches, and only from a single location at a time to capture the unique regional flavours of the Gatineau Hills.

At Apiverte, we are committed to finding better ways to care for honey bees through the research and development of Atria (formerly the EZHouse). Our service area covers 1500km2, and we have 20+ commercial partner hosts, 30+ apiary sites, and 125 colonies of honeybees. We serve the Gatineau Hills and beyond, which is a diverse area home to rivers, lakes, forests, agriculture, and culture.

We have collaborated with 25 artists to date in five municipalities, including Gatineau, Chelsea, La Pêche, Low, and Vals-des-Mont. We believe in reinventing the honey beesness by bringing together our unique skillsets in marketing, manufacturing, design, and building to support honey bees and their habitats.