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Chariot Honeycomb Frame & Cassettes

Maximize your profits while minimizing your effort with wooden honeycomb cassettes.

Bees & Beekeepers love the ease of using Chariot Frames

Your bees will fill each cassette from top to bottom on both sides, while you get to see the process. Frames can placed/moved throughout your honey supers for optimal filling and inspections.

Add Chariot Frames early in your honey season or flow to ensure the bees have time to fill each cassette.

Chariot Frames are fully compatible with any deep langstroth-style hive body and can be refilled as needed with fresh cassettes.

Frames and cassettes for medium frames will be coming soon!

Dress to impress with brand customization

Each Chariot Cassette can be branded to enhance your product line and offerings. Include your logo or create unique products for your specific customers.

Traditional honeycomb at it's best!

Present your customers with beautiful and precise wooden cassettes that are 100% compostable and recyclable. Choose fully assembled frames and cassettes or opt for a kit and put it together yourself. Frames and cassettes are easy to assemble with wax leaders included. Each standard deep frame hold 12 cassettes, each containing around 150g of delicious comb honey.
Fully Assembled or Kit

Chariot Frame

Unassembled Refills

Chariot Cassette

10 reasons to start offering Chariot Honeycomb Frames to your customers

1. Educational Experience

Chariot Honeycomb Frames allow your customers to witness the natural beekeeping process firsthand. This fosters a deeper appreciation for bees and their role in honey productions.

2. Pure, Natural and Traditional

Chariot Honeycomb Frames offer a guarantee of freshness since the honey remains sealed in it’s comb. Honey is pure and unprocessed so all the natural flavours and nutritional value has been preserved. This is the most traditional way to enjoy honey.

3. Gift-Worthy Packaging

Chariot Honeycomb Frames allow for creative and customizable packaging options making them ideal for gift-giving and special occasions.

4. Unique Culinary Uses

Chariot Honeycomb Frames open truly unique culinary possibilities. Customers can use the comb in various dishes, spread it on toast, incorporate into dessert, use it as a gourmet topping or pairing on a charcuterie board.

5. Transparency and Trust

Chariot Honeycomb Frames demonstrates transparency in your beekeeping practices. Customers can see the honey produced in it’s natural state fostering trust and confidence in the authenticity and quality of your honey.

6. Enhanced Aesthetics

The Chariot Honeycomb Frame structure itself is visually appealing. The hexagon pattern is work of natural art that will draw customers who appreciate aesthetically pleasing foods.

7. Market Differentiation

Chariot Honeycomb Frames set your business apart from your competitors. In a market saturated with honey products offering honeycomb frames provides a unique selling proposition that can attract customers seeing something special or distinctive.

8. High Return on Investment (ROI)

  1. Chariot Honeycomb Frames can contribute to a high ROI for your beekeeping business. With the premium pricing that honeycomb frames command, coupled with their unique appeal, can result in lucrative return on your investment. 

9. Low Initial Investment

Chariot Honeycomb Frames compared to other comb systems require a very low initial investment with little to no infrastructure or equipment needed. Honeycomb is a cost-effective product offering to add to your business.

10. Ease of Production

Producing Chariot Honeycomb Frames is a straightforward process and integrates seamlessly into your existing hives. Simplicity minimizes the need for additional resources, labour or complex extracting processes, making it an efficient nad manageable aspect of your overall beekeeping operation.

Cozy setting with fresh honeycomb and liquid honey on a plate with a plant and the sun shining through.

All natural honeycomb in wooden frames

Honey as the bees intended.