Combining form, function and artistic vision

All Apiverte EZHouses provide unique and beautiful homes for managed honey bees colonies. While keeping the bees safe and sound, Apiverte also wants to attract human interest by including original artists murals on every EZHouse. 

Each artist brings their own perspective and spirit to the effort to sustain pollinators in our region. Their art and generously donated time and creativity shine through at each host location. 

Each year Apiverte seeks out local artists and emerging talent to paint EZHouses. 


Emilie Darlington

Murals at Franktown House Flowers, Les Fougères and Les Trois Èrables

Sophie Lemieux

Mural at Juniper Farm

Stephanie Hill

Mural at Franktown House Flowers

Maya Hum

Murals at Juniper Farm and a private residence

Stephanie Browness

Mural at Rock's End Farm and Dawson Architecture

Emily McCann

Mural at Rock's End Farm

Iris Kiewiet

Mural at Peabody Farm

Nathalie Coutou

Mural at Peabody Farm

Lynn Bedbrook

Mural at the Wakefield Mill

Jimmy Baptiste

Murals at the Wakefield Mill and the WAY

Stella Pagani

Mural @Leilak Anderson Farm

Julian Garner

Mural at l'Orée du Bois

Zāneta Pernicova

Murals at Leilak Anderson Farm and Fairbairn House