Our approach

Apiverte is proud to collaborate with local businesses that share our passion for pollinators and the environment.

By working together, we create one-of-a-kind local honey brands that are as unique as the regions they come from. We've also had the pleasure of partnering with select families who have become residential hosts, sharing in the joy of coexisting with these incredible creatures.

Behind the scenes, we've been hard at work perfecting our EZSystem, a combination beehive and beehouse that's making waves throughout the Gatineau Hills. You'll find our innovative system in Chelsea, Wakefield, Masham, Low, and Luskville, adorned with breathtaking artist murals.

As we enter our fifth season, we're excited to share everything we've learned with the greater beekeeping community. We're preparing to build, share, train, and educate others about our revolutionary EZSystem, which has made beekeeping easier, more sustainable, and more rewarding than ever before. Join us in supporting these amazing creatures and creating a brighter future for our environment.