Our honey

APIVERTE honey is carefully harvested multiple times throughout the season from our fleet of EZHouses (commercially available as Atria) nestled in the scenic Gatineau Hills. Our state-of-the-art honey house, situated within our new production facility located in La Pêche, Quebec, extracts and processes the honey to ensure the highest quality.

Each batch of honey is meticulously measured for moisture content at the time of harvest, and labeled with the location and date of harvest. We take note of colors and flavors to include in our boxed honey collections.

Our Everyday honey is co-branded with our partner hosts and distributed through them. For our Specialty honey, we source additional products from local and organic producers to create unique and subtle flavor experiences.

All our products are jarred and packaged onsite. We design, produce, and print all our packaging and marketing collaterals in-house. At APIVERTE, we strive to produce all our products while respecting the bees, their lives, and the natural environment through the use of organic practices and sustainable materials.

Apiverte honeyFind Apiverte co-branded honey at:

  • Our showroom at 4 chemin du Lac Vert
  • Juniper Farm
  • Rock’s End Farm
  • Boutique Les Fougeres
  • Wakefield Mill
  • Les Trois Erables
  • Fairbairn House
  • Bluebarn Coffee Roasters
  • Ferme L’eau du Russieau
  • Leystone Farms
  • Ferme Thuya
  • Fondation de Sante des Collines