Commercial Host


Are you a business or farm that would like to sell your own brand of honey for profit?

As a commercial host, you will benefit from having a custom-designed EZHouse that can accommodate 4-10 colonies of honeybees on your property. Each EZHouse has at least one original artist's mural and produces from 150-500kg of honey annually. 

All honey is co-branded and labeled for your business and Apiverte provides numerous marketing and tourism opportunities to your customers. Host agreements are for a minimum of 5 years.

Order this product and include all your location details and we will review your request. 

Per 1 tbsp (20g) % Daily Value* Calories 60Fat 0g / 0%Carbohydrates 17gSugars 16gProtein 16g
Gluten FreeLactose FreeNut Free