Chariot Honeycomb Frames & Cassettes are available for Pre-order with May delivery within Canada and the US. For orders larger than 20 frames please contact us for best shipping rates.

Chariot Honeycomb Frames


Increase your honey revenues with the Chariot Honeycomb Frame. Add Chariot to any deep honey super and manipulate the position for optimal honey production. Bees will build comb from the wax leader and fill each double-sided cassette with at least 150g of honeycomb. Add optional branding to each cassette for the ultimate addition to your honey products.

  • Ready to use with wax leader
  • Fully assembled cassettes (x12) in deep Langstroth frame
  • Brand customizable
  • 100% wood
  • 100% recyclable/compostable
  • Compatible with any Langstroth-style hive
  • No additional equipment required
  • Creates full natural honeycomb structure
  • Independent frame manipulation
  • Tool-free assembly/disassembly
  • Refills available

** Maximum online order quantity is 20 frames. For larger orders please contact us directly for accurate shipping quotes.