We're hiring

Apiverte is looking for dynamic team members for our growing business. Are you interested in apiculture, agriculture, food production and working with your hands? Or would you like to learn?

We are seeking seasonal staff in the Gatineau Hills

About Apiverte 

Apiverte keeps bees, harvests artisan honey, builds wooden beekeeping equipment, produces honey and wax based products and provides regional tourism experiences. Apiverte is fast becoming one of the most innovative apiculture businesses in the Gatineau Hills with:

  • 20+ commercial partner hosts
  • 30+ apiary sites
  • 125 colonies of honeybees
  • 1500km2 service area
  • 30+ artist collaborations
  • 5 municipalities : Gatineau, Chelsea, La Pêche, Low and Luskville

The ideal candidate has some experience with bees or agriculture and is highly motivated to extend their skillset. We’re looking for the right fit of experience and drive in someone who will wear multiple hats while thinking outside the box. Being able to function independently and in team is essential as is being able to interact with the general public. A valid driver’s license is required.


  • Fulltime beekeeper
  • Assistant beekeeper
  • Outreach officer
  • Honey harvester and production
  • Facilitator and guide


  • Bilingualism
  • Social media and writing skills
  • Photography, design or marketing skills
  • General computer skills
  • Drivers license

Apiverte is located in Masham Quebec and is an equal opportunity employer.

Positions have flexible schedules and hours as keeping bees means working with the weather Mother Nature gives us. Our regular season runs from April to mid-November. We are currently filling part and full-time positions for our regular season. 

Some positions will initially be subsidized through Government of Canada programs and we would appreciate applicants from 15-30 years of age who are legally eligible to work in Canada, but all ages are welcome to apply.

Your resumé is a great way to get to know a bit about you but we’re interested in your potential and your hidden skills. Show or tell us what you can do – bee creative!