Respecting the environment and giving back to the community

Apiverte strives to minimize its impact on the environment while maximizing its impact on the local community through responsible business practices. This includes practicing organic beekeeping methods, promoting hygienic genetic lines, and minimizing the use of plastic.

To support the local community, Apiverte prioritizes purchasing from local suppliers and selecting healthier materials with low VOC and natural binders. All of Apiverte's products are proudly made in Canada and Québec, with its bees bred and raised in Québec.

In pursuit of sustainability goals, Apiverte conducts research and collaborates with external firms to explore alternative packaging solutions and greener energy options.

In addition to its commitment to environmental and social responsibility, Apiverte contributes to the community through donations to The Wakefield Emergency Fund, which provides aid to those in crisis needing food, shelter, and household goods. Apiverte also supports honey bee research and development through donations to the Canadian Bee Research Fund, and partners with schools and local organizations to fundraise within the community.