Full time Beekeeping Technician

For the first season the Beekeeper Technician will be working closely with the business owners in a mentorship relationship, learning, training, and developing their own style. The early goal is to develop confidence and independence leading eventually leadership and management.

Duties (including but not limited to):

Maintain healthy colonies of bees:

  • Regular inspections,
  • Colony splitting,
  • Colony treatment,
  • Queen rearing
  • Documentation


Manage honey orders for hosts/clients:

  • Harvesting & extracting honey from various sites,
  • Processing honey for specialty and everyday honey,
  • Labelling, boxing, and packaging as required.


Build/foster positive relationships with the hosts/clients:

  • Provide updates and insights into bee health and regional issues,
  • Facilitate learning opportunities with small groups.



  • Assist in sales and marketing activities onsite and at market,
  • Build and maintain honeybee equipment as required,
  • Maintain honey and bee equipment to a high standard,
  • Partake in learning opportunities for skills development,
  • Create new products as time and interest allow,
  • Partake in social media content creation,
  • Help develop training materials.


Must haves:

  • Driver’s license
  • English or French as first/second language



  • Related experience or education
  • Bilingualism



  • $17-20/ hour based on experience



  • early March - end October with the possibility of becoming full-time year-round position


About Apiverte

Apiverte is an innovator in bee management and equipment manufacturing in Quebec. Apiverte keeps bees, harvests artisan honey, builds wooden beekeeping equipment, produces honey and wax based products as well as provides regional tourism experiences. Apiverte partners with some of the most well-known farms and businesses in the Gatineau Hills.