Atria Deluxe

Unmatched Shelter, Security, and Safety

Experience the ultimate beekeeping journey with the freestanding Atria Deluxe. Designed to provide comprehensive shelter, security, and safety, it is the perfect solution to start keeping and caring for up to 10 colonies of bees. The Deluxe Edition offers an insulated and customizable environment, ensuring optimal conditions for your bees. Elevate your beekeeping experience with Atria and unlock your potential as a successful beekeeper


4 or 8 hives

Secure freestanding pavilion

8’ x 10’ footprint

Front steel door access with handle, deadbolt and keys

R14 walls, ceiling, and door*

Choice of steel roof colours

Unfinished v-joint pine exterior with wooden interior

1 or 2 panels

Wall mounted bee escape

Vinyl flooring

Built on pressure treated wooden skids

Training provided

Starting at $13,500 CAD


Insulated floor

Full interior or pass through electrical

Upgraded electric fence

Sizes: 4 or 8 hives

Custom mounting height

Custom sizes available



Bear buster 2000 or 3000 perimeter electric fence

Cedar exterior/roof

Custom exterior finishes

Commissioned mural


Shoulderless frames with waxed plastic or wax foundation

Pass-through divider

Bee escape divider

Queen excluder divider