10 STEPS to enjoy your BEE Encounter

10 STEPS to enjoy your BEE Encounter

Jun 21, 2021Sandra Bornn
  1. Wear loose fitting clothing; long sleeved crew neck or collared shirt, pants, socks, and close-toed shoes and of course a mask – we will provide a veil and gloves.

  2. Avoid scents – in shampoo, aftershave, and body lotions.

  3. Avoid eating bananas the day of your encounter – it sounds weird, but the smell of bananas mimics the smell of the honeybee pheromone for fear.

  4. Sign our COVID contact tracing form – we’re doing everything we can to ensure a safe encounter and that includes making sure we follow all the latest health protocols.

  5. Sign our Acknowledgement of Risk waiver for adults and/or minors.

  6. Understand that you may get stung despite our best efforts as bees are livestock and can be behave unpredictably at times.

  7. Inform your guide if you are stung – we are prepared to administer first aid if required.

  8. Follow the safety briefing and all instructions provided by your guide so you can have the most enjoyable encounter possible.

  9. Ask lots of questions, we’re here to give you as many answers as we can.

  10. Share you experience with your friends through social media, don’t forget to tag us @Apiverte on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

We may have to reschedule if:

  • The bees are not in a good mood. Bees can have good days and bad days just like people and are affected by weather, pests, predators, and other outside conditions beyond our control.

  • The weather is scheduled to be poor. If you have already signed up with our scheduling tool, we’ll reach out to you to when the weather conditions are more ideal.

  • You are improperly attired. We are serious about safety and making sure you can enjoy the bees while visiting, you therefore need to follow the suggestions listed above for clothing.

  • The bee colony requires an intervention: Sometimes inspections result in our beekeepers needing to make adjustments that could stress the colony beyond what we are comfortable inviting guests to.

  • It’s time to harvest the honey! This is an exciting time for people and can be a stressful time to the bees, for this reason we will change the inspection to a harvest event where you can see the honey being processed.

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