Micro-harvested, geo-located honey along 5/105 corridor of the Gatineau Hills.

5,000,000+ BEES

Bee part of bringing more than 5,000,000 bees to the 5/105 corridor of the Gatineau Hills. Sponsor an EZHive or EZHouse or host bees at your location.

Honey shares

Our EZHouses are located throughout the Gatineau Hills along the 5/105 corridor. Each site produces a unique flavour and colour throughout the season. Choose a site close to you or try one from up/down the line – we guarantee our honey will be the thickest and tastiest you’ve ever had! Order a share early to support our efforts and your honey will have personalized labels from the site of your choice.  

Honey for the Holidays

Check out all our unique honey collections ready for local pickup, delivery and shipping to you! We’ll also be at the outdoor Wakefield Christmas Market, at the Community Centre December 12, 2020 10-4pm.

BEES in your Community

an EZHouse in your neighbourhood

about the honeybee, native pollinators and honey production

the harvest with friends and family


Limited availability and subject to a site survey.

honey, hives & houses

APIVERTE’s goal is to #savethebees through innovative habitat design, species propagation and pollinating the 5/105 corridor of the Gatineau Hills.

  • We design and build EZHouses, EZHives, and single Langstroth hives to make beekeeping easier and more accessible to all
  • We sell CSA-style honey shares, trios, duos, and honey by the jar, case, pail or comb
  • Our honey is micro-batch and geo-located to the exact place and time it was harvested, it’s summer in a jar!
  • We conduct research and development activities on bee health and habitat throughout the year to keep bees from the brink of extinction


Premium, single location, micro-batch, craft honey


Never heat pasteurized so you can taste the flavour of season.


From field to table of the 5/105 corridor of the Gatineau Hills

Geo-located Honey in the Gatineau Hills

Directly from the bee to your kitchen. APIVERTE honey tastes even better when you know exactly where it comes from. From Chelsea to Venosta along the 5/105 corridor, APIVERTE bees are hard at work making honey. All our honey is harvested in small batches and never mixes with honey from our other locations, ensuring a unique flavour based on the abundance of specific local flora and fauna.

Every jar of APIVERTE honey label contains a scannable QR-code to trace it’s exact harvest location. It also has a harvest date and moisture content so you can track your favourite location and harvest time.

APIVERTE Bee Fields West


Franktown House Flowers

Fresh cut flowers by subscription.

Juniper Farm

Year-round organic produce. 

Les Fougères Restaurant

Award-winning farm to table cuisine

Rock's End Farm

Organic livestock and fibre

Wakefield Mill and Spa

Accomodations, fine dining and spa



Peabody Farm

Heritage pork and farm to table events

Ferme l’eau du ruisseau

Fresh produce and meat in Low QC

Les Trois Èrables

Heritage Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Wakefield

Fairbairn House

Heritage centre and special events

L'Orée du Bois Restaurant

French and regional cuisine in the edge of the Gatineau Park

The WAY - Wakefield Activities for Youth

The WAY - Wakefield Activities for Youth

Dawson Architecture



You can do your part to #savethebees by the choices you make every day. Buy local, organic and/or pesticide-free produce and choose to support businesses that make ethical and environmental sense. 


We’re working to make beekeeping more accessible to all, so more bee enthusiasts can become beekeepers and established beekeepers can keep active longer. Our EZHives and EZHouses will also ensure better survival rates for the bees and protect them from predators.


All of our events are centered around education, engagement and participation. We want to share what we have learned with as many people as will listen. We encourage all to become active stewards of the land in their actions and their knowledge.


The backbone of our business is our relationship with our hosts and their relationship with the land and environment. Each host has been carefully selected for their region, access to suitable bee forage and their like-minded business approach.

franktown house flowers

Wakefield-based cut flowers, bouquet subscriptions, flowers for retail, events, and edibles.

Wakefield Mill Hotel & Spa

Full service spa resort with fine dining, luxury accommodations in Wakefield.

Dawson Architecture

Architecture inspired by nature located in Chelsea.

Juniper Farm

Certified organic and biodynamic farm nestled in the Gatineau Hills minutes from Wakefield village.

Leilak Anderson Tree Services

Professional tree care and certified arborist serving the Gatineau Hills.

Wakefield Activities for Youth

Non-profit organization that operating The Wakefield Youth Centre

Rock’s End Farm

Certified organic, diversified farm in Farrellton providing organic livestock and fibre.

Peabody Farm

Heritage pork, seasonal markets, Farm to Table Dinner and community fundraisers in Venosta.

Les Trois Èrables Bed & Breakfast

Heritage boutique bed & breakfast in the Heart of Wakefield


Award-winning farm to table cuisine minutes from the Nation’s Capital in Chelsea.

Orée du Bois restaurant

French and regional cuisine, full of flavour, in rustic decor, in a warm atmosphere in Chelsea.

Fairbairn House

Historical displays, special exhibits, school programs, special events, and community projects in Wakefield.


Each APIVERTE EZHouse is adorned with marvelous murals by local artists who have generously donated their time and talent to help save the bees.

Join us for tours throughout the summer to meet the artists and see their work amoung the bees and nature.

call for artists

We’re building more EZHouses and installing more bees throughout the 5/105 corridor. We are seeking local artists to create murals on the sides of our bee houses and hives for permanent installation. 

In the Fall of 2018, we took the spark of an idea and embarked on a journey to make it a reality. APIVERTE is the combination of Mike’s technical and manufacturing know-how with Sandra’s design and marketing prowess. Through our creativity, experience and passion for apiculture, we are engaging more people to support the bees in their struggle for survival, creating an easier beekeeping style and sharing the sweet rewards with our community. 

Fast forward to the spring of 2020 and we are poised to introduce more than 5,000,000 honey bees to the 5/105 corridor between Chelsea and Low Quebec.


– Sandra Bornn Smith & Michael Smith

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We want to hear from you! Do you have a great idea? Are you interested in becoming an EZHouse host? Are you looking for more options for honey share? Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you.

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