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Apiverte is proud to offer single EZHives with bee colonies to residents and businesses of Chelsea, La Peche and Low along the 5/105 corridor of the Gatineau Hills. To ensure our bees are happy and healthy each site is subject to a site survey for suitable habitat and foraging for the bees.

Your annual single hive hosting includes:

  • Personal site survey
  • Bees on your site from May – late October with winters at our workshop in Farellton (that you are welcome to visit)
  • Deluxe EZHive beehive with a sturdy base
  • Bees – between 60-80,000 by the end of the season
  • All bee maintenance, treatments, and registration
  • Monthly (June & July) group inspection/discovery workshop with your family or team (protective clothing included)
  • Harvest event invitations (Mid-Summer & Fall)
  • 24kg of honey – that’s 48 jars x 500g packaged with your logo or family name


  • Hive customization/painting workshop in the early spring
  • Different jar size
  • Comb honey


  • Deposit + monthly payment options
  • Renewable annually

Available on backorder

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