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Our EZHouses are unique to this region and dare we say Canada. Based on Solvienan Bee Houses, Apiverte has adapted them to meet the challenges of Canadians winters and local predators. The result is a sturdy structure that can fit either 5 or 10 EZHives and makes keeping bees easier.

Hosting up to 10 colonies is a big responsibility and subject to partner and location suitability, for that reason we ask for a minimum 5 year commitment.

Your hosting package includes:

  • Complete EZHouse with 5 or 10 colonies of honey bees
  • Roof to match your buildings or brand
  • Your logo on the outside of the EZHouse
  • Invitations to bee inspections (protective gear provided), harvests, tours and special events throughout the season
  • Bee service contract (colony maintenance, care and registration)
  • Half the annual harvest of honey, packaged with your logo in your choice of jar sizes
  • Pollination services
  • Artist mural space

Please contact us with your details and we will review your request. We are authorized to operate in both Québec and Ontario.

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Bees of the Gatineau Hills