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Apiverte is committed to helping all beekeepers in the region by offering extraction services. Bring your honey to us or we can come to you with our custom-built EZHarvester.

The EZHarvester is equipped with a full line of new extraction equipment. Gather your beekeeper friends or local association and make a day of it. We can extract up to 60 frames per hour. Minimum order/customer – 3 boxes. All equipment is cleaned between customers and PPE will be worn by all Apiverte staff for our protection and yours.


  • Semi-automated decapping
  • Light filter
  • Bulk packaging in new pails (25kg per pail)
  • Moisture content test
  • Bulk labeling with the date of extraction and moisture content


  • $3/frame
  • + $2/frame if manual decapping is required
  • Travel $100/hr within the Greater Ottawa/Gatineau region


  • Frames must be free of brood, visible disease and live bees
  • Frames must be fully capped
  • Frames will be inspected before entering the EZHarvester
  • Signed customer waiver


  • Semi-automated bottling for 150kg+ orders
  • Jars

We are happy to accept small orders at our workshop in Farrellton Quebec by appointment for Quebec-based beekeepers only. Mobile services require a minimum half-day booking (+/- 36 boxes) + travel expenses. Water and power connections are required at the harvest site. A non-refundable deposit for half or full-day mobile services is required.

It is strongly recommended that your apiary be registered with the governing body of your province or region (ie. MAPAQ, OMFRA) and Apiverte reserves the right to communicate the presence of any disease to the proper authorities.

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exact dates and times can be adjusted closer to harvest season.

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