EZHouse Bee Sponsorship Program


Welcome to our EZHouse Bee Sponsorship Program, where you can make a positive impact on our environment and support the important work of our bees.

As an EZHouse Bee sponsor, you'll be helping to protect and promote the health of honeybee populations in the Gatineau Hills while also enjoying the delicious benefits of our locally sourced honey. Here's how it works:

  • Choose the location you would like to support: You can support an EZHouse in Chelsea, Wakefield, Low, or Luskville.
  • Follow your hive's progress: You'll receive regular updates on your hive's progress, including information on honey production and the health of the colony. You'll also have the opportunity to visit your hive and see the bees in action.
  • Enjoy the rewards of your sponsorship: As a sponsor, you'll receive monthly curated honey products from May until October and a share of the honey produced by your EZHouse. You'll also receive special discounts on our other honey products, as well as invitations to exclusive events and educational opportunities.

Your sponsorship will help us to continue our mission of promoting sustainable beekeeping practices and protecting the health of our bees. In addition to supporting our local ecosystem, your sponsorship will also help to promote awareness about the importance of bees and their critical role in pollinating our food crops.

Join us in supporting the health and vitality of our honeybee populations. Become an EZHouse sponsor today and start making a positive impact on our environment.