Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree


The Apiverte Advent Calendar features 12 local honey harvests from the Gatineau Hills. Custom designed and produced in-house each free-standing Christmas Tree is unfinished lauan plywood that can be painted or finished with Apiverte Wood Butter. Bilingual messaging "12 Days of Christmas/Les 12 jours de Noël".

Reusable year after year with each new season's honey harvests.

Size: 14" x 15.5" 
Honey: 12 x 80g
From: Les Fougères, L'Orée du Bois, La Tortue du Wakefield, Ferme L'eau du Ruisseau, Leystone Farms, Juniper Farm, Rock's End Farm, Franktown House Flowers, Le Moulin Wakefield Mill, La Vignoble de Chelsea, Leilak Anderson Tree Services, and Apiverte

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