Des Collines Health Foundation: Bees for Health Care

An up close experience with honey bees to benefit health care in the Gatineau Hills


$50.00 per person


1h 30min

About this experience

The health benefits of natural raw honey and bee-based products is well known, but did you know that bees can help strengthen our health services in the Gatineau Hills? To benefit the Des Collines Health Foundation, you can enjoy a private tour of an EZHouse - experience the bees up close, taste the honey they produce and learn about pollinators here and in your own backyard – all while supporting regional health care. Half the proceeds from this tour go directly to the Des Collines Health Foundation.

Your Host

Des Collines Health Foundation supports the Wakefield Memorial Hospital and other health care initiatives in the Gatineau Hills.

Mural by: Jamie Munro