Call for artists

for Permanent Installation on Bee Houses

We are seeking artists to paint 4′ x 8′ wooden panels on one side of our bee houses before April 30, 2020.

Our bee houses are small structures that house beehives. They are designed to blend in with the natural environment and feature a mural on each external side from a local artisan.


  • Bee houses are exposed to the elements – direct sunlight, rain, snow and wind 24/7/365
  • Panel is approximately 4′ x 8′ and made of V-joint pine
  • Panel can be delivered assembled primed or unfinished to the artist
  • Bees will be crawling, landing and living near the artwork and thus all materials should be environmentally sensitive
  • Medium is negotiable as long as it meets the above


Our bee houses are located throughout the region on local farms that generate foot traffic through farm gate sales and seasonal events. APIVERTE will also plan additional seasonal events in partnership with the host locations and offer personalized tours.

Artists Profile

All artists will be profiled on our website with links to online portfolio or galleries and social media.


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104 chemin Kennedy
La Pêche, Quebec
Canada, J0X2W0

Bees of the 5/105 corridor