Apiverte is the shared vision of a husband and wife team – Sandra and Michael. Nestled in the municipality of La Peche and stretching along the 5/105 corridor from Chelsea to Low Quebec, we’re bringing more than 5,000,000 honey bees to the region. 

The Gatineau Hills provides the ideal landscape for a targeted effort to #savethebees. Through research and development, design and build, we’ve developed a new style of honey bee habitat that is easier on both the bees and the beekeeper. 

By partnering with local farms, businesses and artists we are engaging the public in our efforts to raise awareness and interest in the health and longevity of the honey bee.

We’re different

Sandra and Mike each bring entirely new skillsets to beekeeping making their business approach unique. From marketing and manufacturing to design and build we’re trying to reinvent the honey beesness. We harvest often, keep our batches small and only harvest from a single location at a time. We want to you taste the subtle differences from one end of the 5/105 corridor to the other. We capture a time and place in a little bottle. 

Research and development

Apiverte is committed to finding better ways to care for our honey bees. Through our new EZSystem we are testing new ways to address habitat, overwintering, pest control, and predators. 


In all our endeavours we make every effort to ensure that we are making the least impact on the environment and the most impact on our local community. 

We practice organic beekeeping methods, meaning we use natural/organic treatments on our bees, encourage hygienic genetic lines and prefer to use as little plastic as possible. All our bees come from hygienic stock in eastern Ontario and western Quebec.

To keep our neighbours working and our communities strong we buy local wood products first, from local suppliers for our manufacturing. All our materials use low VOC or natural binders to ensure the health of our bees. We are proud to say that all our products are Made in Canada.

To further give back our community a portion of our sales support The Wakefield Emergency Fund who helps community members in crisis in need of food, shelter and household goods. To support research and development on behalf of honey bees we support the Canadian Bee Research Fund.

5/105 Corridor

Apiverte serves the 5/105 corridor of the Gatineau Hills. This wonderfully diverse area is home to rivers, lakes, forests, agriculture and abundant culture. It is this unique landscape that is the perfect home for the honey bee.

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